VITRUVIAN BioMedical, Inc is a biotechnology company focused on a unique Business Strategy based on Early, Medium and Late Stage product development. We are committed to providing "Advance Personalized Medicine" to medical professionals and patients globally". Our strategy increases the goal of success and is implemented with key partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  
Our current focuse is on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) utilizing a breakthrough Therapeutic Vaccine which targets ABeta and TAU  and an AD Biomarker for early stage detection.


Our Management and Advisory Team is engaged in the development and commercialization of diagnostics and therapeutics for individualized and balanced healthcare with an initial focus on Alzheimer's Disease. 

With a mission to provide “Advanced Personalized Medicine” to medical professionals and patients nationwide and globally, our focus is based on a medical model emphasizing, in general, the customization of healthcare, with decisions and practices being tailored to individual patients. Recent strategies have involved the use of genetic, protein and other information about an individual patient for selecting or optimizing that patient's preventative and therapeutic care.  As the personalized medicine field advances, tissue-derived molecular information will be combined with an individual's personal medical history, family history, and data from imaging, and other laboratory tests to develop more effective treatments for a wider variety of conditions. As such, VITRUVIAN’s products and technologies will be geared towards this approach.


In keeping with its mission of “Advanced Personalized Medicine”, our Management Team continues to evaluate technologies that have market potential for growth and garners a reputation for successful commercialization of safe and cost effective diagnostic and therapeutic products in the United States and worldwide.